Poetry – a window into the the other side

I went to my first poetry reading today. Only because my belly dancing teacher was doing a reading celebrating Black History Month and Love. I didn’t have any expectation other than to hear some romantic poems written by my dancing teacher.

As I sat in the audience listening to the poets reading their poems, making them come alive. I suddenly realized that poetry, like many forms of art is a tool for expression. It’s more than just an article about something arbitrary. Poetry seems much more personal. It’s like a window with a glimpse into the writer’s personal life, his personal experience. I find it to be so powerful. I was going to find a good poem to post, but nothing jumps out at me. Instead, I invite you to take out a pen and paper, and start writing. Let your creative mind run wild!


One thought on “Poetry – a window into the the other side

  1. Fred Joiner is a poet and if you get a chance to see him perform it makes for a good time.
    I am not a poet listening type of guy and this was a first poet reading as I was being draged by the Misses, but it ended up being a wonderful experience.
    try to listen to poetry at least once in a anlifetime you may be inspired.

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