Sunday Morning


Ahhh… the French Riviera

I took this picture when I lived in the South of France. It was taken in Nice. It is definitely one my favorite place in the world! I love the food, the culture, the language, and believe it or not, the people. Yeah. I worked with many French people and have become great friends with some. The French are wonderful people just like everyone else!So what’s the significance of this picture? I just love how these French ladies were just sitting by the beach people watching. Taking time out to relax and just BE! They all look so calm and just content. It’s the simple things in life that make me smile. Funny thing in France is that every day around lunch time, you will see everyone with a baguette in hand, going somewhere for lunch. People all shapes and sizes all have a baguette on their hand. Everyone takes time out to sit down and enjoy lunch. I wanted to publish photo book of people with their baguettes in France. Unfortunately, I never got around to it.

Tell me about your dream destination? Where do you imagine when you close your eyes, wanting to get away to? 


One thought on “Sunday Morning

  1. got to love the French blog. It takes me back to my time in the French Riviera. The people were nice even if sign language was only options. Lots of love and lots of food made the American boy a happy man. A trip to the south of France does the soul good.
    Lover boy

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