Are you feeling the slowdown in economy?

As the economy continues to slow down, I am seeing more impacts effecting me and businesses around me. Yesterday while stopping by a bakery yesterday in the Washington DC Metro area, I noticed 2 more businesses closed. What used to be a very trendy childrend’s tidye clothing store and a nicely decorated seafood restaurant are now empty with ‘Lease’ signs posted across the window front.

Top headings across the major news websites such as CNN and MSN related to the record high home foreclosure rate and increasing Americans in debt. All this is a strong reminder that we should be sensitive about our spendings now more than ever. On the personal side, Instead of dining out, I have been eating in more and inviting friends to my house for potluck instead of going to a fancy restaurant.

Let’s hope the market start to curve positively sooner than later. I am also hoping that Bush’s stimulus package leads to gaining some consumer confidence.

Interesting articles today around our economy:

Consumer confidence tumbles below expectations

Lenders cut of Home Equity caps


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