Silicon Valley’s seven-year itch


Silicone Valley got its fame from the infamous dot com era.  It was a time when everyone is curious and wants to know about the dot com bubble. So the bubble grew and grew and POP, it went. Those who watched the speedy rise and sickening fall remember the predictable way the collapse began: in denial. Fast forward to 2008. Where are we today? Could this be the web 2.0 era? What impact does the economic slowdown has on the tech world? The fact is that the economic slowdown is directly impacting the tech industry. Personally, I am seeing increasing trends of people I know in Tech jobs having no jobs.  Even Google is being impacted by the slow economy. Their stock decreased 41% compared to Nov 2007. That, to me is a warning sign: If Google’s profitability is in jeopardy, then no company in tech is safe.


A tail of 2 Bubbles.. (April 7th Fortune magazine)


2000: Dot Com Era

2008: The Web 2.0 Era

Get BIG fast

Get BOUGHT fast

PalmIII with 8MB of memory

iPhone with 16GB of memory

Microsoft vs. U.S.

Microsoft vs. E.U.

AOL merges with Time Warner

Microsoft makes hostile bid for Yahoo

Office Space

The Office

A Clinton running away from it

A Clinton running for it



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