48 hours of Networking

Information Overload


The last 48 hours I feel like I’ve been part of some speed networking reality show. It was exhausting but productive. I met some great people all doing extraordinary things, hoping make this world a better place to live, a tweet at a time. This morning I started the day attending Breakfast with Jeff Pulver at a great café downtown DC called BusBoyandPoets. Coincidentally it is the same place my partner Paul Worsham and I (from 1Piazza) will be hosting a Social Rockstar workshop on May 16th. We are currently working on the workshop content. It will be a very cool event for sure! For starters, our feature speaker is Justine Lam, who happens to be the eCampaign director for Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee. I met Justine at the 1Piazza Happy Hour last night.  Justine Lam will share her story on how she helped raised more than $18 million mostly using Web 2.0 tools. Did I mention Justine was written in the January edition of Fortune magazine? I am looking forward to working with Justine to create the presentation.


I want to share with you my take-aways from the last 2 days:


1. The art of networking: Be a better listener than a talker. The more you listen, the more you are liked. Most people’s favorite and most knowledgeable subject is – themselves!

                   by –   Todd Holsembeeck, a very wise sales person


2. Twitter is becoming a hot topic, and definitely a cool thing to be part of in the web 2.0 community. I was recently told, ‘if you want to be pioneer of social media, get on Twitter.”  So I did. My account is www.twitter.com/kadidid. Kind of fun. From Twitter, I found out about the Free Ben & Jerry Ice Cream 2 days ago. 2 days of Twitter, 1 free scoop of ice cream, not bad!


3. Sphinn.com is a cool site with great posts about social media.


4. Some tips to drive traffic to your blog: have the URL in your email signature, create tags from the blog, and make comments from other related / popular blogs.


That’s all for now. To all a good night! I am going to catch some well needed Zzzs.



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