How to be a Blogstar?

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Did you know that every day, 70,000 new blogs appear on the Internet?

More and more people are becoming bloggers. Some have lots to say about a particular subject, and some have much to say about nothing. As Frank Gruber said from the recent speech at the Social Rockstar Workshop, ‘everyone can be a rockstar! Thanks so new media’.

Just what steps should one take to cultivate a popular blog? Well, that depends on your audience and intention. For some, simply being who you are is enough, for others, have a gain respect by providing content which one value such as analysis of a particular subject or industry. With the thousands of blogs added to the Internet every week, what are some best practices to help the want to be rockstar bloggers grow into something buzz worthy?

Blogstar Do’s and Don’ts


  • Write somthing newsworthy
  • Blog about your original view point
  • Comment on other blogs
  • Quote from other bloggers and write about them
  • Write able something you are passionate on
  • Be authentic
  • Link to others and write about them


  • Copy other’s content
  • Attack other bloggers
  • ignore comments

Want to read more? Voxant has a great write up about Basic blogger etiquette.
Fortune has a good article on do’s and don’ts of corporate blogging.


Happy Blogging!



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