The perfect example of a viral online video ad

I just saw the most brilliant video from What makes it viral? It is funny and unexpected, enough so that I want to share with my friends, regardless of the project they are trying to sell.

Be your audience , be the audience, be the user, see it from the user’s perspective. Don’t over think it.

Have a brand+personality. Personally I prefer messages that I can relate to, instead of reading an ad from the corporate HP voice, I prefer to hear it from a guy’s (working in HP product marketing) opinion on the product.

It’s fun to watch. I was laughing throughout the video of the people’s expressions. The first thing I want to do is to share with friends.

It’s real. Even though the performance was staged, what made me laugh is to see the expressions of (non-actors) people’s face.

As a related article mentioned, “It’s relevant to the product being advertised. By capturing the looks on people’s faces as they’re ambushed by live performance, the ad is a poignant reminder of the joy of the theater. is a ticket-selling service, and the swift URL drop at the end of the video connects the message to the product.”





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