Facebook for Spies?

Social networking has been a hot topic for the last few years. Increasing number of corporations are adapting social networking into their business infrastructure. Most recently the social networking buzz landed with the government.


U.S. Intelligence agencies have created a social networking site called A-Space. It is designed for analysts across 16 intelligence agencies across the nation.  Instead of sharing opinions on perhaps the latest movie on Facebook, A-Space users are sharing information about al Qaeda and other national security related issues. For the first time spies can have a chance to think out loud and share top secret information amongst their peers.


Like other social networking sites, the goal to A-Space is to promote community and connectivity by assessing all the information available – to the spy agencies that is.


Food for thought:

If the intelligence community is already embracing social networking, why are there still so much resistance on adapting to social networking strategies in corporations?  Things that make you go hum..


Oh by the way,  the information on A-Space is highly classified, only intelligence personnel with the proper security clearance can access the site. Looks like 007 is still the way to go for a sneak peak of the Spy world.


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One thought on “Facebook for Spies?

  1. Corporations usually get the trends before the government, but the corporations get their technology from the Military. (Mostly)

    Corporations’ purposes are single minded and the smaller the company the less likely they are to adopt new technology.

    Large corporations have legal issues to deal with.

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