Do you go to church on Sunday?

I discovered the Unitarian church a few month ago and have been attending the service whenever I can. Ironically, what drew me to church was not because of any religious reasons; rather, it was seeking a community outside of my circle of friends. Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of friends to hang out with and my calendar is typically 95% full, I was looking for something more, something je ne sais qroi..


So one day my hubby and I decided to give Unitarian church a try. We joke about going to a Unitarian church because it believes in everything and it believes in nothing. The ‘believe in everything’ part interest me. I grew up as a Buddhist while my hubby grew up as a catholic. Neither one of us are super religious but we both believe there is a higher power and would like to seek something spiritual.


We entered the church with people greeting us with a genuine smile. The church was beautiful! The light yellow coloring with columns connected to 2-sided balconies reminds me of across between Caribbean style mixed with French country. What I love about the service is the music. Every week, a rich and diverse range of music is introduced. I wish I have prettier words to describe it. From drums to saxophone, piano, guitar, choir, or the whole ensemble. Without a doubt every time the music wows me!


The preachers always tells personal stories everyone can relay and it’s mostly funny. But through the laughs you somehow walk away learning something new. I always ended up taking notes because someone will either say something wise that speaks to my heart, or something funny that I think it’s worth repeating.


As for today, the quote I noted was:

‘I’ve never been so cold and so happy at the same time! ‘

~ About attending Obama’s Inauguration


As for signing up to volunteer at the church to be more involved with the community? I have not decided yet. For now, we are simply happy Unitarian church goers.


2 thoughts on “Do you go to church on Sunday?

  1. Hi Kady,

    Yes. I go to church every week.

    I am often reminded of a saying of an old man from my neighborhood who has long since passed.

    He would always say, “Go to Church on Sunday. Feel Good All Week.”

    That saying holds a lot of truth for me.

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