My trip diary to the Greece

This is the 5th day of our 2 week trip to Greece. So far our experience has been beyond expectations. The people are warm and genuinely nice. Shop keepers at the tourist areas are not pushy and always greeted you with a smile. Food is fresh and fairly reasonable. We have been able to have a sit down meal for 2 for around $25. Not bad!

It took us 2 days to get our schedule in sync with the 7 hours time difference form the US – East Coast time zone. The 2nd day we woke up and said ‘Oh My God!’, as I looked at the clock and that says 15:58 (almost 4pm). Feeling lazy and a bit quilty for loosing an entire day, we rushed out to visit the Acropolis and wondered around Athens for the next 5 hours.

Getting around in Athens is fairly painless. Their metro system is extremely clean and efficient. Traveling via public transportation in a foreign country is a great way to get a taste of the local living. Just because we may look like a tourist, I don’t neccesary want to act like one.

After 2 days in Athens, we got on a one way plane trip to Santorini. Despite of leaving 3 hours before the flight, we managed to arrive at the gate 10 minutes before the plane takes off. Thanks to the demonstration/protest  at the city center. We had to jump off of our bus, run (with our luggages) for about 20 minutes to the next metro stop. 6 metro stops later, we had to get on the taxi and thankfully made it to the airport with seconds to spare.

It was all worth it when the 1 hour plane ride arrives at a small airport of Santorini. You can feel your blood pressure instantly lowered as the plane touched down and you look out and see the sea and some palm trees. The vew only gets better and better. Below is a quick clip of our first arrival at our hotel, the Blue Dolphin. (which I recommend highly). We stayed in a cave. Yes,  CAVE! It gets chilly at night but was definitely fun.

Our cave room:

The wonderful host Dionisis who greeted us with a history of Santorini at the hotel terrace


2 thoughts on “My trip diary to the Greece

  1. One of the reasons I recommend people go early in the season (April/May) is because it’s less crowded, and people are nicer at the beginning of the tourist season. Towards August and September, with the heat, crowds and long hours, this is not true.

    Also what you said about public transport is what I recommend. People think a taxi or private car/scooter is better, but the only way you can feel the pulse of a place is to be on the ground walking, or in the metro, tram, bus. Plus, traffic and parking are so bad, and tickets are so affordable, why not? 🙂 Have a great time! Or as we say here, Kali Diaskedisi!

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