Pinch pinch, We are in the Greek Islands

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Greece for 10 days. The weather has been perfect and we keep on finding ourselves saying ‘wow!’ throughout the trip.  Trying to soak up everything we see and experience as we know this is temporary. I guess that’s why they call it vacation.

Here are some highlights of our trip:

Red beach – we had to hike up the rocky cliff to arrive at this hidden gem. The water is clear and the rocks are red, contrasting against the blue sky makes it picture perfect!

Million dolloar sunset from our hotel balcony

Scooter ride to Oia to watch the sunset:

Our next stop was another island near Santorni called  Ios. This is a less known island but equally gorgeous. 9 euros and 1 hour of ferry ride later, we arrived in Ios. This is where we were stuck in traffic from goat crossing. I felt like we were in a movie, in the middle of goats. The sound of the bells on their neck is music to my ears, listen..

Driving through the windy mountain roads of Ios feels like a mixture between driving through Bryce Canyon (with their rock formation) and Switzerland (with the nearby islands almost look like the Alps), with the back drop as the deep blue Aegean sea. It is truly breathtaking. Pictures cannot do justice.

Thanks to TripAdvisor which we relied on religiously to find the best places to stay via social media (traveler’s comments), we stayed at Liostasi Hotel and Spa. It is now one of my favorite hotel to stay in the world! Our trick of getting great hotel deals is by calling the hotel the day before to book the rooms. We’ve been able to save about 30% on top of the already lowered low season rate. (Not advised during high season.)

While at the hotel, we met a Greek photographer George Lizardos, who was there visiting his good friend, the owner of Liostasi Hotel.  We sat by the pool and chatted with Mr. Lizardos while watching the sunset.  He was an interesting person to speak to. He got his big break when he submitted his photo to Nikon (using his father’s manual camera) for a world-wide competition 30+ years ago when he was only 17 years old. Mr. Lizardos won 2nd prize amongst 300,000 other photos submitted. From there, the rest is history. Mr. Lizardos was commissioned to capture the look, feel and character of many luxury hotels in the Greek Islands. Some of his work included Cavo Tagoo , Sunrocks, Katities, and where we stayed Liostasi Hotel. What I learned from George Lizardos? Simplicity is the key to good living! He only works on projects that he is passionate about, then he takes 1 to 2 years off. Note to self: Need to find a job like that.. Mr. Lizardos is in the process of building his dream vacation home in one of the Greek islands, one made out of pure earthy material with 60 windows. The home is designed entirely by him, including the furniture. George said that he would invite us there once complete. I should have had that in writing.  Stay tuned..

We are now in Mykonos, 2 hours via catamaran from Ios, 28 euros pp. Didn’t like the hotel we stayed at the first night, the host was nice enough to let us check out early. We are now checked in at the Pelican Art Hotel . It is right in the Mykonos town, with modern and colorful decorations and most of all, great service! The best part is that we are paying 60 Euros per night, half of where we stayed last night for a much better place. We’ll be here for a few days before heading back to Athens.

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