How do you achieve high search engine rankings?

I spent the weekend laboring in my yard. The good news is that I built an herb garden, planted new Lavendar bushes and transplanted lots of perennials. The bad news, now I am exhaulsted and my fingers hurt, so I decided to be lazy by sharing with you a great blog written by my friend Michael Brito, a Social Media expert. Michael is one of the early adapters of social media. He gets it! He is currently a Social Media evangelist at Intel. I copied the content below from Michael’s blog Happy ready.


Ways to Achieve High Search Engine Rankings

While visiting my friend Michael’s media marketing blog,, I came across a great article Michael is one of the early adaptors of Social Media. He is currently a social media evangelist for Yahoo. I copied the content below:

1.  Articles

Marketers have been using article syndication (sometimes referred to as article marketing) to promote their product and/or service for years.  Just recently, however, article marketing has began to grow in popularity because marketers now understand that consumers are tired of being marketed to and that building relationships with them is much more effective. Additionally, article syndication will result in higher search rankings with keyword optimized content; natural incoming links, and drive targeted, relevant traffic to their website.

One thing to remember when writing articles is that the “tone” of the article needs to be relevant to your specific industry, educational and objective.  It should not be just another advertisement like those you see on late night television. 

2. Press Release Distribution

A well written press release that appeals to the media’s craving for a good story and that is properly optimized with keywords that you want to rank for can earn you not only valuable media attention and new clients, but also increase your natural incoming links.

3. Blogs and Social Media Optimization

The search engines value blogs because they are often updated with new content.  The more you post valuable content, the more frequent your pages will be crawled by search engine spiders, and the faster the updates will appear in the search results. The result will be an increase in search engine rankings, more subscribers to your blog, and strong credibility in your industry. See Lee Odden’s blog marketing tips for more on blog marketing.

Social Media Optimization is the practice of implementing changes to a site (or blog) so that others can easily link to it, tag it, post a comment to it; and then submit it to social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon; with the chance of your content becoming viral. The result is more visibility in the above mentioned sites; more exposure on Technorati, inbound links, and an increase in targeted traffic.

4. Great Content

Of course, great content will naturally produce a ton of inbound links.  Content can be in the form of thought pieces, white papers, flash demos or rich media content, free downloads, or free online tools like SEOMoz’s Page Strength Tool. The idea is to have content that engages others, educates and informs; and provides value to the readers.

Relax, Achieving High Search Engine Rankings Takes Time. (written by Michael Brito)