I saw Santa vacationing in Santorini!

After 3 days in Fira, we packed up our scooter and off to the Southern part of Santorini in a town called Megalohori. It’s only 15 minutes away via scooter. This area of Santorini is famous for it’s winery and another spectacular view of the volcano and the Aegean sea. Because this is not yet the high tourist season (which starts on June 1st), we are able to find nice hotels with a view with a reasonable price, about 100 US$/night including breakfast and tax.

Gotta love the Dunkies in Santorini:

Megalohori is about 10 minutes away from the nearby black beach, Perissa. The beaches are black because of it’s fine black and gray pebbles on the beach. It is beautiful, though I can imagine during the hot summer days the black sand will get very hot and therefore make it difficult to walk on the beach bare foot.

The highlight of our day was definitely when we spotted Santa at the seaside restaurant where we had lunch! I was going to sneak a picture of him laying by the beach cabana, but I decided to give him some privacy as he only has 6 more months to rest up before Christmas.

One thought on “I saw Santa vacationing in Santorini!

  1. Kady – I’ve been enjoying Greece vicariously through your blog and youtube videos. I LOVE the Santa video — too funny! I’m glad everything seems to be going so well for you and Brendan on your vacation.

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